How Many Roofing Nails in a Pound?

how many roofing nails in a pound

How Many Roofing Nails in a Pound?

Roofing questions often center around how many roofing nails in a pound to have installed on your roof. It is a good question and one that can be easily answered. In general, you will want to have between two and three nails in a pound. Most often the number is more than three but there are always exceptions to the rule.

How many of the above-mentioned roofing nails are needed depends on the size and type of shingles that you have. Shingles that are smaller in size need fewer nails. Generally speaking, a drywall shingle would require between five and ten nails for every square foot of shingles. For a double hung or even a row roof with dormers, it would require between twelve and twenty-two nails for every square foot of shingles.

The number of nails needed for a row or a series of rakes depends on the number of rows that need to be installed. In a row or series of rakes, it would be more economical to purchase a package of several nails rather than having to purchase individual ones. For example, if you needed five nails for each rake, you would save a significant amount of money by purchasing in bulk. In addition to saving money, if you purchased the nails in bulk you can also save time because the supply would be close at hand. This would allow you to work on the roof early in the morning when other work, such as sealing, roof repair or painting would not be done yet.

For steep slopes, many homeowners mistakenly believe that they need to have as many nails per square foot as there are shingles on the roof. Nails can be easily purchased in bundles of either two four, six or eight inches. For steep slopes, where the roof is pitched at an angle, six nails are usually enough, but if it is more than that, then one package of nails will suffice. Purchasing enough nails for each pitch will allow you to cover the entire roof and save money in the long run.

Another mistake that is commonly made is purchasing a package of nails that are shorter than the actual length needed for a particular project. When building a new home, a three-tab shingle may be the perfect length, but when installing a roof over an existing one, it is always advisable to use a longer nail of at least three feet. Purchasing shorter nails will allow you to cut the length to whatever length is necessary. This saves you money in the long run because you won’t have to replace the shingles in a few years.

If you are wondering how many nails per bundle, there is an easy solution. There is a machine built specifically for measuring these things. This machine is called a sash gauge and works by reading the height of the shingles against the side of the home. By placing the home on the sash and moving it slightly, you can tell how many nails it will take to install your roof. You will know how many nails it takes based on how many tabs you have. This system is also useful if you want to know how many nails you will need per square inch.