How to Cut Metal Roofing

Before cutting metal roofing, you need to determine the size of the sheets you need. A 21-foot-by-10-foot roof has 210 square feet (20 square meters) of space, and a single sheet will cover this space. However, there are some specific tools that you need to use in order to cut the metal correctly. Tin snips are used for hand cutting, while shears are used for making precise, straight cuts. You also need to know the exact length of the roofing sheets, as metal roofs have ridges on top.

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When cutting metal roofing, you must consider the material and blade. Saw blades can tear the material. They have jagged edges and are best used for cutting short lengths or across a single sheet. Angle grinders, on the other hand, are handheld versions of circular saws. These tools are a bit more expensive than circular saws, but work just as well. You should use the right tool for the job.