How to Install Metal Roofing Over Plywood

how to install metal roofing over plywood

How to Install Metal Roofing Over Plywood

If you want to know how to install metal roofing over plywood, you’ll need these important steps. To begin, prepare the plywood boards. This will include removing any damaged, loose, or dead board from the previous roofing installation. Clean out the pitch pockets by scraping the boards smooth. This will create a smooth surface for laying your metal roofing over the plywood.

If you’re using aluminum foil to repair your existing roofing material, this step is unnecessary. For how to install metal roofing over plywood, the plywood must be totally dry. Apply an epoxy based sealer over the entire surface, leaving it entirely dry. For areas where the foil is missing or has clearly been removed, begin again with your preparation steps. If you do not see a complete covering in one piece, continue the process until you do.

Now that you have the surface completely dry, it’s time to begin installing your metal roofing over plywood. Start by positioning your first metal roofing panel directly above the opening you created earlier. Make sure the panel is level by placing a level tape along the perimeter and making sure the corners are square. You can then nail the panels into position at this point.

The next step in how to install metal roof panels is positioning your second panel. Use your level to make sure the second panel is exactly parallel to your first panel. Nail the panel in place using the same nails you used on the first panel. You should now have six sections of metal roof panels installed. Make sure all six are level and that they are all positioned appropriately.

The final step in how to install metal roofing over plywood is to nail the roofing material down. Use your nails to create a watertight seal around each nail. If possible, use a professional roofer to help guide you through the process. Once the nails are in place, carefully align your metal roof panels to make sure they are square and to your satisfaction.

Installing metal roofing over plywood will be easier if you follow these basic steps. You will make sure the installation is watertight and that your panels are square before you begin. You can then move on to attaching the shingles, if you so choose. Keep in mind how to install metal roofing over plywood by making sure that all of your hardware is included in the quote when you make your purchase. In addition, if you purchase materials online make sure that you read all the instructions to ensure you do not make any mistakes that will end up costing you time and money.