How to Install Metal Roofing Over Shingles

how to install metal roofing over shingles

If you’re thinking about installing metal roofing over shingles, you might be wondering how to do it correctly. Although the installation is possible, it must be approved by the local building department. In some areas, a metal roof can only be installed over one layer of shingles, but in most places, the building department won’t object to it. Having a metal roof over shingles is a good idea, but it also has its disadvantages. Learn how to do it safely and efficiently.

Before you can start installing metal roofing over shingles, you need to make sure that your shingles are still intact. Most municipalities only allow a maximum of two layers of shingles, so you’ll need to get rid of one. The other option is to use 1×4 purlins to lay down a metal roof over the existing shingle layer. This method is more expensive, but the results will be more durable and will provide a level surface for your new roof.

When installing a metal roof over shingles, you need to be prepared and address all the problems that may occur in the long run. In many areas, you can only re-roof your roof after removing the shingles. However, you can find local regulations that prevent re-roofing over just one layer of shingles. Regardless of your location, you should be sure to read the regulations of your area to ensure you’re getting the right permit for your project.

Once you’ve completed the preparation for your new metal roof, you’ll be ready to start tearing down your old shingles. In this case, you’ll need to prepare the roof for the transition. This will minimize the need for additional renovations, and you’ll also save money. The removal of shingles is the last step. This is a crucial part of installing a new metal roof over a traditional shingle roof.

If you’re not sure whether or not you can install a metal roof over shingles, you should consult your local building department. In some areas, you can only re-roof the home after two layers of shingles. But before you install the new metal roof, make sure to check the local codes and get a permit. The process may require special tools or materials. Before you begin the process, it’s best to have a contractor or architect measure the area and your house first.

There are many benefits to installing a metal roof over shingles. This type of roof can save you money on energy bills and help protect the structure of your home. The extra protection provided by a metal roof will also help reduce your overall building’s temperature. Another advantage is that it will last longer than a shingle roof, which is a major factor in energy efficiency. Aside from this, it’s also an environmentally-friendly option.