How to Install Metal Roofing Panels – The 3 Steps to Take Before Launching Your Project

If you want to know how to install metal roofing, there are basically two ways of doing so. You can either use the services of professional installers or you can do it yourself. It is advisable for you to hire professionals to get the job done properly since they have the right tools and experience to do it properly. In any case, this article will teach you how to install metal roofing yourself. Here are the steps:

how to install metal roofing

After you have secured all the nails and making sure that it’s all dry, follow these simple steps on how to install metal roofing on top of old roofing. Place the pre-made plywood over the smooth flat surface of your old roof. Each row should be overlapped a few inches and each piece of plywood cut to suit the protrusions should be between two and three inches apart from each other. Once you have placed the first few shingles, screw them in place using silicone caulk or some water-based sealant. Now place the metal flashing on top of the flashing. For the last row, only install the metal roofing shingles.

You can choose from several options on how to install this kind of roof over your existing roof. The most popular ones are the self-adhesive and the self-sticking types. Self-adhesive ones are easy to install since you just need to stick them to the roof flashing as you would caulking. The downside though is that these don’t really protect well against temperature changes. Self-sticking ones are more secure but they cost more. They work best if you just want to have metal roofing panels over the existing roof so you won’t have to replace or repair any part of it.

Metal roofs have another advantage in terms of installation – they are better than other types of roofing for cold weather installation. For instance, asphalt shingles are poor to withstand temperature changes and can easily crack during winter months. Asphalt roofs are also more susceptible to damage during storms or heavy winds. With metal roof panel, you don’t have to worry about those.

Installation of metal panels can also be less expensive. This is because you don’t need to have nails or screws for roofing installation. Nails and screws are costly, while nails or screws can get damaged with hail or falling debris. With a DIY project, you won’t need to spend on installation cost either.

The final step on how to install metal panels is to attach them to the preexisting roof structure. There are different ways to attach the panels, depending on the type of roof you have. One popular way is to use screws or nails in its place. However, if the existing roof has a number of nail holes, you may need to remove those before attaching the metal panels. If not, make sure that you use screws or nails that are rated for old roofs.