How to Install Rolled Roofing

how to install rolled roofing

If you’re thinking of replacing your roof, you might be wondering how to install rolled roofing. The good news is that rolled roofing is relatively easy to install and requires very little technical knowledge. This material can be installed by just one person in an afternoon, although it is best to call a roofing professional if you’re unsure. Roll roofing is susceptible to damage in extreme heat, so it is recommended that you hire a professional to do the installation for you.

Before installing rolled roofing, you should make sure to place a drip edge flashing at the edges of your roof. This will prevent water from penetrating underneath your new roof. You can use roofing cement or a nail gun to attach the drip edge. Make sure that you overlap each piece of roofing material by about a quarter-inch, and use roofing cement to adhere the drip edge to the roof deck. Once the drip edge is secured, you can proceed to install the next courses of roofing.

When installing rolled roofing, make sure to keep the temperature of your roof at 50degF or above. Then, lay the rolled roofing on top of the roof sheathing. This may not have been primed. This will help it last longer. Remember to use gloves when working with roofing cement. When applying cement, spread it about 1/8-inch thick so that it covers the entire horizontal section of the roof. Once the cement is in place, attach the first layer of roll roofing to the roof.

After nailing the first layer of roll roofing, you should measure the second row to make sure that the first layer overlaps the second. When you’ve completed the first row, nail the second row of roll roofing to the first row, 34 inches up. Make sure to align the roll roofing properly so that the nails line up evenly. Apply roofing cement between each row of roll roofing to make sure the roof is properly secured. Be sure that the rolled roofing is flat and not warped.

If you don’t have a roofing professional, you can buy rolled roofing at a store. Roll roofing sheets are generally available in different widths and colors. Make sure you get the right sized roll roofing for your needs. If you’re not sure, look up tutorials on how to install roll roofing. Then, follow the instructions carefully. And don’t forget to practice! And remember to stay safe! Keep these steps in mind to ensure you get the right installation every time.

After the first sheet is complete, roll out the remaining strips of rolled roofing until they are flat on the ground. Start from the bottom of the sheet and roll to the center. Then, place a swath of roofing cement to secure the ends of the roll roofing. This will seal the rolled roofing into the folded roof covering and increase its lifespan. Using a tape measure to measure the lengths of the rolls can help you make sure you have everything you need.