How to Measure For Metal Roofing

how to measure for metal roofing

Whether you’re installing a new roof or simply renovating your old one, you need to know how to measure for metal roofing. Luckily, there are several different ways to do this, and some involve a bit of math. To get a general idea of what size panels to order, you should measure the length of the roof. From there, you should multiply the measurements by two and work out how wide the metal panels should be.

To determine the length of a metal roof panel, measure from the fascia board to the peak of the roof. This is the highest point of your roof, which is about 12 feet high. Add one to two inches to the measurement. Make sure to measure the roof from both the middle and the ends, to ensure you get an accurate result. You can also measure the width of the roof by measuring the length of the roof from the joists.

To measure metal roofing, you can use calipers. Measure the thickness at various places around the roof and then add them up to get the approximate thickness of metal roofing. You can also use a metal gauge conversion chart to see how close your measurements are to the gauge you need. Generally, metal roofing gauges are between 24 and 29. Unless you’re installing a metal roof, you should contact a local representative of the Metal Building Contractors Institute to get more information on how to measure for metal roofing.

When you measure for metal roofing, remember that the width of corrugated metal sheets is about four and a half feet. For example, a 26 inch-wide sheet of metal would need 35 corrugated sheets to cover a 1050 square-foot roof. The same goes for the length. For a full-span roof, you should measure both sides. This way, you can make sure you choose the right size of metal roofing for your home.

In addition to the width and length, you should also measure the thickness of the metal. The thickness of the metal is called its gauge. Different gauges have different strength and durability. A 29-gauge sheet is a lot thinner than a twenty-six-gauge sheet. This makes it very durable and energy-efficient. You can use it to protect your home from the sun’s UV rays. But, remember to measure properly from ridge to eave.

If you’re building a new home, you should also make sure to have your ridge cap installed. When measuring for this, you can mark the placement by snapping a chalk line. Once you have done that, you can run the sealant tape along the ridge, about an inch from the line where you snapped the shingles. Then, you’ll have to fit the closure strip tightly over the metal panel.

The price of your new metal roof will vary depending on many different factors. Its thickness, the type of metal roofing and the paint finish will all affect how much you spend. You can also use other resources to calculate your cost. Most metal roofing calculators are available on the internet. Make sure to look for a calculator that will work for your needs. You’ll be glad you did! And metal roofs are not only beautiful, but they also last a long time with minimal maintenance.