Roofing Square Foot – Know Your Property and Know the Weight of the Roof

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Roofing Square Foot – Know Your Property and Know the Weight of the Roof

If you have ever thought about replacing your entire roof, you might have heard the term roofing square footage before. It refers to the actual roof height and understanding your roof’s square footage will help you budget for a new building or repairs. A roofing contractor typically uses this type of figure when calculating your estimate. However, many homeowners are not comfortable with this kind of figure. So, what exactly is it? Here is an explanation.

In order for the roofing industry to estimate your cost for a new roof, they need a number. This number will be based on your home’s square footage as well as other factors. The best way to put it is to compare it to a baseball diamond – there is more than just distance between each house, there is speed and gravity involved. With that in mind, the higher your home’s square footage, the more weight the roof can carry, which translates to more weight for the average roof replacement.

Now consider this – the weight your home would be carrying for a square foot of replacement material would be approximately twice the weight of your garage door. Multiply that by 2, because most roofs are much longer than you are probably used to. Now consider what materials would be used to construct the roof covering. The traditional materials are asphalt, clay or slate. These materials are all lighter than asphalt, which is usually what is used for new roofs.

If you are considering a full roof replacement, then you are probably going to want a roofing square footage estimate that includes both replacement of the traditional material as well as the new material. Roofing contractors typically quote a price based upon the square footage of the new installation, which is approximately 4 square feet of asphalt shingles for every 100 square feet of traditional roofing. If you are going with traditional instead of metal, then it is likely that you will be able to have the replacement done at the same cost of a metal roof installation.

The weight of your garage door, for example, cannot be compared directly to the weight of a heavy roofing shingle. Nevertheless, you should know that the typical weight of a garage door is upwards of one ton. This means that the typical square footage of a garage door will be approximately half a million pounds. What is a roofing square foot? This is the exact measurement that is used by professional roofers to calculate the amount of material that will need to be installed on your property. It is also the same measure that is used by most insurance companies to determine the amount of liability that needs to be carried by a homeowner.

You may not have thought that a roofing square foot actually has something to do with the quality of your home. A square foot is indeed a measure of how much material will have to be carried over the course of a roof to cover 100 square feet. A lower number, like one hundred thirty-five, would mean that less material will be required to complete the job. A higher number, like one hundred sixty, will indicate that more materials will need to be carried over the roof.