Simple Steps to Learning How to Install Roofing Sheathing

Do you know how to install roofing? Many people think that you have to be a roofing specialist or a professional roofer in order to successfully complete this task. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you have basic skills using a hammer, a saw and a level then you can successfully complete this task.

Roofing can easily be installed by an inexperienced homeowner. Whether you require a new roof or just need to replace old shingles, replacing the entire roof yourself can save you plenty of money and time. However before you grab the first roofing hammer and cleaver yourself up on the roof, it’s wise to become at least familiar with the whole process from beginning to end. Understand how to install roofing and start from the ground up. From laying down the concrete tiles, placing the shingles and flashing then all the way through to the final tightening and taping up of the roof.

The first step is laying the concrete tiles. This will ensure that the shingles are firmly in place and give you a firm foundation to work from. You should lay the first row of shingles one at a time. This ensures that the first row is the strongest and will last the longest. If you’re using metal flashing then pre-drill every hole you make to prevent any damage to the flashing and then simply line the first row with shingle after making all the required holes.

Once you have the shingles in place you then need to start laying down the flashing. This will provide the basis for the next level of protection which is the tar paper. Tar paper will be draped over the shingles and will stop them from getting to the underneath of the tar paper. For the next stage you will need to put four or five nails in the top and bottom corners of the tar paper.

The next stage is the installation of the roof deck sheathing. This is where all the’sticky’ parts of the tar paper come into play. Roof deck felt can be quite messy as it’s made out of stiff cotton and needs to be applied in careful, measured sections. Once the deck felt has been applied it’s time to smooth it out. A roller broom helps with this as it helps to clean off the deck felt and get a nice even layer to seal against the shingles.

The final stage is laying the crown stapler onto the tar paper crown. You’ll need to ensure that the crown stapler is attached securely to the nails you’ve used for the shingles. You can do this by pressing the crown staple into the shingle and the top edge of the roofing felt. You then push it down all the way until it just grips the roofing felt. Ensure that the staple is seated on the shingle before pushing it up with your hands so that you don’t catch any wires or brackets.