What is a Square in Roofing Shingles? A Simple Guide

A square in roofing shingles is not a rare sight anymore. With a few clicks on the Internet, you can find a lot of websites offering quick and easy solutions to your roofing problems. For example, a square pattern in shingles is popular these days as it looks more elegant and professional. It gives the home a well-designed and unique look which is quite appealing to a lot of home owners.

what is a square in roofing shingles

Square pattern in shingles is a relatively new concept and there are still people who do not understand its importance. But let us first have a look at how a square pattern looks like. The pattern consists of four main colors – red, blue, yellow and green. In order to make it more beautiful, we can add some white as an accent color.

Square shingles are usually used for roof repairs in the southern states like Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and South Carolina. It is commonly used in humid climates as well, since humidity is what makes shingles expand and contract. When you are choosing the right kind of shingle, make sure that you are going to buy those with the same thickness. This will ensure that when you install them, you will have an even shingle installation all throughout the house. This will also help prevent leaks and other types of roofing problems that may occur because of different sized shingles.

So what is a square in roofing shingles? Its size is determined by the manufacturer. Other than the thickness, you must also consider the number of ridges on the shingles. Shingles with three ridges are said to be a fine choice. However, if you need more coverage, choose shingles that have four ridges. You can easily find this information on the package or even through the company itself.

Once you’ve figured out what the actual size of the shingles should be, it’s time to install them. As the instructions say, you should begin by measuring the area where you want your new roof to be and then begin laying your shingles. To make sure that the entire roof is covered, begin nailing each corner before proceeding to the next and so on.

Now that you understand the basics in what is a square in roofing shingles, you will be able to choose the best materials for your home. Also, you’ll have enough knowledge to know what size of shingles to get. And last but not least, once you’ve installed your shingles, expect for them to last longer as compared to other materials used for such task.