What is a Square Roof?

What is a square roofing shingle? The square (or sometimes rectangle) shape is the most popular and easiest to install for any type of roofing. But did you know that you can change the look of your roof with the types of shingles that are used? You might think of the various shapes and styles of shingles as a single unit, but they really aren’t!

roofing what is a square

In order to see how a square or rectangle roofing shingle looks like underneath the surface it will be installed on, you need to take an outline of the roof onto the worktop. Start with a straight line and mark off two lines at each corner that go exactly in the middle of the roof square. Make sure that the middle line is exactly one line over the horizontal lines.

Now you will want to measure from the top of the square to the underside of the roofing membrane. The next step in this process is to remove any existing shingles that are on your roof. Once you have the bare wood surface exposed, you will be able to decide which types of shingles to use. Square shingles are usually the most cost effective, but you can also choose from circular, pointed and other shapes as well. If you would prefer a different look, you may wish to add a metal crown to your roofing membrane.

Once you have the shingles ready, you can begin installing the square ones. However before you start to drill the holes in your roofing membranes, make sure you have secured all of the nails. This makes it very easy for leaks to occur later on. As you lay the shingles one at a time, begin to drill straight down into the roof to make sure that the nail heads are positioned accurately. If you find yourself unsure, it is best to have someone on site to watch your work.

Once you have all of your nails lined up and securely placed, you can begin to string them together. You can use either single or twin rope depending on the size roofing. Be sure when you are stringing them that you put them onto the square pattern on your roof. Once all of the shingles have been strung together, you will then want to secure them using roofing nails.

If you are looking to repair or replace your roof a square shingle is a great alternative. You can find these at many home improvement stores and sometimes in hardware stores. If you do not like the look of square shingles you can also purchase pre-fabricated square shingles. These come in a variety of colors, styles, sizes and materials to fit your particular needs. As you see, replacing or repairing a roof with square shingles has never been easier and more rewarding.