What Is Modified Bitumen Roofing?

what is modified bitumen roofing

If you’re considering installing a new roof, one of the most important questions to ask is what is modified bitumen roofing? Modified bitumen roofing is typically used on low-slope and flat commercial roofs. It is a two-layer, multi-ply material that’s made up of layers of modified asphalt. Once applied, the roof should be resistant to wind, water, and other weather conditions.

The durability of modified bitumen roofing is unbeatable. Once installed, it can last as long as 20 years without any maintenance. Its polymer content and number of sheets increase its strength and durability. It’s also resistant to water damage, and the adhesives used to attach the sheets offer additional protection. In addition to these features, the roofing material also has an insulating layer for improved energy efficiency. The best part is, it’s easy to install.

Modified bitumen roofing is very versatile. Before you decide to install this type of roofing, you should learn about its properties and installation methods. Bitumen is a substance that’s waterproof, sticky, and viscous. In fact, bitumen is a component of asphalt, which is a high-demand construction material worldwide. But there are also many disadvantages to this type of roofing. Some people prefer this material because of its durability and low maintenance costs.

When it comes to how modified bitumen is installed, the main difference is the method. To install a modified bitumen roof, it consists of two layers – a base sheet and a cap sheet. The base sheet is generally self-adhered while the cap sheet is cold-adhered. SBS-modified bitumen is typically self-adhering. It can be either self-adhesive or self-adhering, and is installed using either a torch-down method or cold adhesive.

Another reason to install a modified bitumen roof is its ease of installation. This type of roofing is commonly used in the Seattle area and is highly reliable in harsh climates. Modified bitumen roofing systems can be simple and inexpensive to install. If you’re looking for a professional Akron commercial roofer, consider Campopiano Roofing. Our Akron commercial roofing company specializes in low-slope roofs.

Modified bitumen roofing was developed in the 1960s as a cost-effective alternative to complex built-up roofing. Modified bitumen roofing membrane layers are made of asphalt bitumen that’s infused with fiberglass and polymers. These membrane layers adhere to commercial flat roofs while offering an array of cost-effective benefits. Modified bitumen roofing systems can be installed using two methods, including the classic torch-down method or the peel-and-stick method.