What Is PVC Roofing And Its Benefits

What is PVC roofing? Made out of woven polyvinyl chloride or in plain layman’s terms, Plastic, PVC is an excellent single-layered roofing product. It is made of a much lower percentage of petroleum and oil than EPDM or thermoplastic polymerizing polyolefin (EPT), making it more eco-friendly. As mentioned, it is also resistant to rotting, cracking, and scaling. Furthermore, it is also more durable than its two cousins.

Before installing a PVC roof, there are several steps that should be taken. First, all joints should be sealed using a high quality joint sealant. A proper sealant will help reduce the moisture content as well as to add further protection against weathering. PVC membranes are available in different configurations, and depending on the final design and application, the membranes used can either be pre-molded or self-adhesive.

Now, let us look at the breaking strength of different types of PVC roofing products. Breaking strength is measured in pounds per square inch. Obviously, the stronger the membrane, the higher the weight will be which translates into greater breaking strength. Moreover, the more densely packed the cells are in a PVC roof, the higher the breaking strength will be. The most common and highly recommended number of strands for any PVC roof is five hundred.

Next, we shall take a look at low-slope roofs. When designing a low-slope PVC membrane, you will need to ensure that you use a high quality product such as EPDM or Vinyl Insulation. The membranes employed for low-slope roofs should be highly durable and long-lasting. Such structures should be properly insulated between the cell pairs so that heat is trapped within the structure and does not escape. The insulation also ensures that moisture is trapped and does not seep out from between the cells during cold seasons.

One of the most common mistakes made by DIY home owners and inexperienced contractors is to work with lower quality PVC membranes. These lower quality membranes can crack and peel within months. In addition, it is common for the joints to be weakened, which can cause greater susceptibility to leaking. Hence, before embarking on what is pvc roofing systems, it is necessary to make sure that you get professional assistance and advice from experienced professionals.

There are various companies that provide installation of what is pvc roofing systems including DIY kits at affordable rates. In order to have an effective and long-lasting roof, it is important that the membrane is applied in the right manner. For instance, the correct application of a high-quality epDM membrane is crucial in ensuring that water is constrained and is prevented from leaking into the structure.