What is Roofing Flashing?

Roofing flashing is a very important safety provision for almost all kinds of roofs, and will help prevent many injuries from taking place due to a lack of adequate protection for your roof. It does not only help to prevent bigger objects from penetrating your building, but it also helps to prevent smaller objects from being able to simply break through and enter the structure. You might think that this could be easily provided for, and in actual fact, this is not something which is often thought of until something has gone wrong. A lot of the time, people who end up with this problem are not even aware of it, and have simply accepted the fact that they did not perform their due diligence prior to purchasing the house.

what is roofing flashing

Whether you have just purchased a new property, or you are simply looking to revamp the one you currently live in, you will need to consider what is roofing flashing before you actually purchase anything. This is because of how easily such a small detail can go wrong if you do not take the time to think about it, and also how vital it really is. For instance, what would the consequences be if you had a leak on the second story, and the heavy rain resulted in sections of the metal flashings being broken off?

Think about it for a moment… imagine what would happen if the entire roof were to collapse at the same time. Obviously, this is not something you would want to happen, as it could result in serious injury, or even death. Furthermore, if you were to use steel flashings, you could be in for some seriously bad luck if you happened to have a section of metal fall on your home. Steel is extremely heavy metal, and in fact, this is what is used for making bulletproof vests! You may also think about the fact that if you are not planning on putting flashings on your roofs, but rather just repairing them after they have been damaged, they could end up becoming a major safety hazard. After all, consider how easy it would be to blow a small portion of the flashing off due to heavy winds, and not have an issue with shingles being blown off in heavy storms.

What would happen if there was a hole in the roof caused by a severe hurricane, and water started pouring in through that hole? Obviously, your home would become a danger from the rain water, and you would most likely end up needing to replace all of the shingles on the exterior of your home. This is why it is important to understand the differences between regular flashing and metal flashing, and the implications that can arise from using either. Think about the possible problems that you could have with missing flashing on your roof that could result in water damage to your home.

There are also times when roofing flashing has been replaced due to wear, and because you simply wanted a new look for your home. When you replace your roofing, the flashing may have already been replaced, and could be flammable. Flashing is generally made out of metal, and is designed to withstand very high temperatures. Unfortunately, this same metal could also create a huge problem, especially if there was an electrical fire. Even if you replace your flashing with something else, there could still be a risk involved with fire damage that would make replacing your entire roof very expensive in the end.

What is roofing flashing in regards to leaks? While you are going to need to have some type of leak detection system in place in your home, you should also have some sort of system in place to repair leaks that occur in your attic as well. The best way to repair leaks on an attic is to insert new flashing through the attic floor, and then to attach a seal kit to the newly repaired area. This seal will help to prevent moisture from getting inside of the attic again, and will keep you from having to replace any of your shingles again until the new flashing has completely set.